wridea : the best way to manage your ideas online

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Wridea is an idea management service and a brainstorming tool . It allows its users to Create new idea entries in seconds, update details, discuss in depth with your friends and organize your data under different categories. Wridea can be a very useful tool for teachers and students . lets go through some of its features

Some features of Wridea

here is a set of features that Wridea offers to its users :
  • It is completely free
  • It is very basic tool and simple to use
  • It has all the major authoring tools and editing symbols
  • It allows you to organize ideas and group them into different categories
  • It lets you share your ideas with others
  • It is interactive in the sense that you can start discussions and collaboration on your ideas
  • it lets you  create beautiful brainstorming  sceneries

How can i get started using Wridea ?

Head over to Wridea and sign up for your free account
Once you are signed in then watch this tutorial video to learn how to use this tool

Applications of Wridea in education

Wridea is just as important in education as  all the other brainstorming tools we have been covering here . Students can use it to jot down their notes about lessons for later revisions . They can also use it to catch new ideas and organize them into categories and then share them with their colleagues . This is a great collaborative tool that will enhance students to work in pairs and engage in healthy classroom discussions .
That’s it about Wridea : The best way to manage your ideas online

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