: Bookmark,Store, and Share Pictures Online

Posted in Labels: , is a ‘social bookmarking site for visual content ‘. It lets you bookmark all your favourite pictures from different websites and share them with your anyone . No need  to save images to your hard disk which would take you time and sometimes does not work perfectly , but with you can with two clicks copy the image reference into your account and see it whenever  and wherever you want . It is stored online so you can check it wherever there is an internet connection .

Some features of

Here are the main features that offers to its users :
  • It is free
  • It requires a sign up
  • It is very easy and instant as it uses a bookmarklet button or a firefox extension
  • It has no limit on the bookmarks posted
  • It has ‘ The Safe For Work filter masks all the content in VisualizeUs flagged as not safe by the users;
  • You can edit and even delete your bookmarks

How can i get started using ?

To use any of the techniques mentioned here just click on the picture of each step .

Step 1 : Use the Browser Button

Step2 : Firefox extension

Watch this tutorial video to learn more

Applications of in education

The first thing is that i don't recommend it for students to use it alone , a teacher can create a classroom account where to collect all the pictures students will be using . It is a good tool for storing pictures for a later use at school . Because pictures are very sensitive materials in education then teacher ‘s discretion is highly recommended .
That’s it about : Bookmark ,Store , and Share Pictures Online .

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