Twiducate ;Social Networking in Education

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Twiducate is a great website that allows teachers to create personal micro social networks .You can create your account and administer students accounts in such an easy way that students will enjoy it just the way you do . If you are looking for a far wider interaction with your students and know in what pace they are learning then create your own social network and invite your students to join in and start the journey right from there .

Some features of Twiducate

Twiducate offers several features to its users among which are ;
  • It is free
  • It has a twitter like format and a user friendly interface
  • It allows you to post discussions , deadlines and homework
  • You can embed your pictures , videos and links
  • You can provide feedback
  • It also lets you connect with students outside the classroom
  • It is very safe and secure .

How can get started using twiducate ?

Head over to Twiducate main page and sign up for a free account
Watch this tutorial video to learn how to use Twiducate

Applications of Twiducate in Education

There are several ways we can use Twiducate in education . We can for instance use it to ;
  1. Create classroom networks reserved  just for your students
  2. Post homework and assignments for your students
  3. Post feedback and direct messages to your students
  4. Stay in touch with your students parents
  5. Students can engage in an interactively educative  messaging with each other
  6. Teachers can share their ideas , tutorials , readings and many more with their students
That’s it about Twiducate ;Social Networking in Education

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