Todoist and Wedoist : Individual and group task management tools

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Todoist and wedoist are  twin websites that do the same job . Todoist is a task management for individuals and Wedoist is for groups . Both of the tools are easy to use and require only a 20 seconds registration . I have already covered another tool called Ta-dalist which is also dead simple to use to create to do lists but these twin services i am talking about to day are much more flexible and have more options than Tada-list .

Some features of todoist and Wedoist

Here are the main features that Todoist and Wedoist offers to its users :
  • The service is completely free

  • It allows you to create to do lists and save them online

  • The service is very secure and has a solid back up system

  • It has a powerful and intuitive interface

  • It has built-in calendar with recurring dates

  • It lets you create sub projects and sub tasks

  • It integrates reminders , GMAIL , Outlook , widgest , API

  • It supports mobile access and provides browser plugins

How can i get started using the service ?

Head over to Todoist main page
Click on sign up and follow the instructions
If you are interested in Wedoist then click on its button on the right hand side and do the same
Watch this tutorial video to learn more

Here is a screenshot of what Wedoist page looks like

Applications of Todist and Wedoist in education

Both of these tools are very important in education . Students and teachers can use them to create and organize their to do lists online . You can use Wedoist list to assemble all the tasks and assignments students have to do during a whole course or for a particular span of time .Go ahead and try them they are great .
That’s it about Todist and Wedoist : Individual and group task management tools.
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