Strip Generator ;The Easiest Way to Create Comic Strips

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Strip Generator is a great web2.0 site in education . It lets you create your own comic strips with such an ease that anyone with a little technology knowledge would do it in a couple of minutes . Cartoon strips are a good way of teaching and students show more interaction when strips are included in a lesson part . This is  why I am introducing Strip Generator for you to try it with your students .Create professional looking strips and share them with your students and let them enjoy their learning .

Some features of Strip Generator

Here are the main features that Strip Generator offers to its users ;
  • It is free and has premium features if you want to upgrade but the basic version is generously enough for us here
  • It requires a sign up if you want to save and claim your strips
  • it has a very user friendly drag and drop  interface
  • it provides frames, characters , items , text and speech bubbles
  • You can publish and share your strips on the usual social networking sites and embed them for classroom blogs and wikis .

How can I get started using Strip Generator ?

Head over to Strip Generator main page and sign up for a free account
Watch these tutorial videos to learn how to use Strip Generator

The first video

The second video



Applications of Strip Generator in education

Strip Generator is a very important tool to include in our teaching . We can use it to revise and consolidate knowledge students have captured during a course study . We can also use it to give homework to students , they would love to work on different cartoons to create their own strips while working on their assignments . I personally think that Strip Generator is a great application for students to work on .
That’s it about Strip Generator ; The Easiest Way to Create Comic Strips

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