Lucid Chart : a simple mind mapping and flowcharts making tool

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Lucid Chart is a flowcharts and mind map making tool . It looks similar to the other tools i have collected here under the Mind Mapping Tools tab  . The only difference here is that Lucid Chart offers many more design options then most of the others .
lucid chart

Some features of Lucid Chart

Here is a list of the main features of Lucid Chart :
  • It is free for teachers and students
  • It is very simple to use and has a nice interface
  • It uses drag and drop technique to draw charts
  • It lets you upload your own images into your diagrams
  • It has an extensive library of templates and shapes
  • You can share your drawings and diagrams online via Twitter and Facebook
  • You can also embed them in your wiki , blog or website
  • You can invite others to collaborate with you in real time
  • It has a built in group chat so that you can chat with your colleagues while working

How can i get started using Lucid Chart ?

Head over to Lucid Chart main page and sign up for your free account
Watch this tutorial video to learn more about Lucid Chart

Applications of Lucid Chart in education

Lucid Chart is a very important tool in education . It is practically useful for visual learners . Introduce it to your students and show them how to use it to create their own flow charts or mind maps . Give them brain storming assignments and let them develop concept diagramming .
That’s it about Lucid Chart  : a simple  mind mapping and flowcharts making tool  .
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