Kiwik Surveys : Create and track your surveys

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Kiwik Surveys is a survey builder tool . It is one of the best survey applications online . Most of its users are educators so if you have not heard about it yet then this is your chance to learn more about how to make surveys to include in your classroom with your students for free . You do not need to be a tech geek to use it . It is very simple .


Some features of Kiwik Surveys

Here are the main features that Kiwik Surveys offers to its users :
  • It is free of charge

  • It requires a sign up

  • It has a user friendly interface

  • It has 11 questions types

  • It supports all languages

  • You can customize your background as you wish

  • You can change the survey theme

  • You can send your survey using email lists which you  have imported elsewhere

  • You can track responses to your surveys

  • It has 7 different types of survey links and popups

  • You can create a link to share your survey results with others

  • You can copy , edit or delete surveys

How can i get started using Kiwik Surveys ?

Head over to Kiwik Surveys main page and sign up for a free account
  1. Once logged in click on “start here “

  2. Give your survey a title

  3. Give it a description

  4. Select a style

  5. use the tools bar to do more

Applications of Kiwik Surveys in education
Kiwik Surveys is a good tool for educators . Teachers can use it to create surveys about teaching practices , study units , and many more and administer them to students to work on . The results can be shared with the whole class or even with the students parents .
That’s it about Kiwik Surveys : Create and track your surveys.
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