Footnote ; a great digital archive for educators

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Footnote is a great online digital archive of documents particularly historic ones . It is not only an online archive but also an interactive platform where students and teachers can share  their historic passions and connect with others . Footnote documents are fruits of the the unique partnership between The National Archives  , the library of congress and other institutions and Footnote website .

Some features of Footnote

Footnote offers several services to its users , among these services we can site for example .
  • It has two types of subscriptions one is basic and this is the one we are interested in and has quite sufficient features and the other is premium and has many more functions
  • It requires a sign up
  • It lets you find documents using a very sophisticated search facility
  • You can search for and  view images
  • You can print and download documents
  • You can upload images , connect them , annotate them , and organize them into galleries
  • It allows you to create a spotlight and a footnote page
  • You can add your comments and interact with others
  • To learn more about other features and how to use them you can read their online guide

How can I get started using

Log on to Footnote main page and register for free
Now watch this introductory video to learn how to use it

You can also watch this tutorial video to learn more

Applications of Footnote in education

Educators can benefit a lot from this website . They can use it as an authoritative source of historic documents they want to share with their students . students can use it  to access thousands of primary source documents and photos, and to create online history reports. Students use the generated URLS to interact with each other via leaving comments and feedback on each others pages .
That’s it about Footnote ; a great digital archive for educators .

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