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DoGonews is another great search engine for kids . I have included it in the educative search engines we are compiling here because of its interesting features . DogOnews is actually an online newspaper and web guide for children .DoGonews has a goal to fulfil and this goal as quoted from their webpage ":

Our goal is to provide a fun, safe and interactive environment for children to read and learn about interesting current events. Our  news articles are short, simple and include photos/videos in order to keep children focused and interested. We also augment our content with an integrated dictionary for challenging words and maps for geographical context.

Some features of DoGonews

DoGonews offers different services to its users among these services we have :

The news part

dogonews kids news
in this page you will be able to track all the inspirinf and fun events and news from all around the world with a huge archives of past articles

The sites part

dogonews sites
under this tab you will find an interesting directory of vetted  websites for kids which is really a great resource for teachers and students too

The Maps side

This is where kids can read interactive newsheadines that are geo-tagged in the World Map

The Teachers side

dogonews teahcers
This is where educators can create their custom online newspapers upon a free sign up .

DoGonews also features some very very important pages such as :

The topics page

dogonews topics
this is where you can browse information via topic titles

Most liked articles

this is where you can see the popular articles of the site that people liked the most

Latest comments

here is where you can read the latest comments submitted by different users of DoGonews .
That;s it about Dogonews : Kid’s search engine

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