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DocsPal is a free online file converter .It supports all types of files like documents , pdfs , audio files , videos , images and even e-books . DocsPal does not only Convert files but has another great utility which is that of viewing files . It allows you to view any document or image online without having to install any software on your computer .

Features of DocsPal

Here are the main features of DocsPal
  • It is completely free
  • It does not require any sign up
  • It supports a wide array of files
  • It lets you view any document online
  • It allows you to convert 5 files at once
  • You can use a direct URL to convert a file that is placed on another site .

How can i get started using DocsPal ?

Head over to DocsPal main page and follow these steps :
Convert files :
Step 1
Step 2

View files :
step 1

Applications of DocsPal in Education

DocsPal is a great tool for teachers . It would help them do their work much more at ease . If you are afraid of technology breaking down on you somewhere then DocsPal will help you . You do not need to look for softwares  whenever you are on a computer which is not  yours say  in another school for instance, whatever kind of document you have you will always be sure to view it using Docspal . You can also introduce it to your students and let them benefit from its free services . Best of luck .
That’t it about DocsPal : Free Converter and Documents Viewer

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