Bee PDF : Upload , Embed, and share your PDFs online

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Bee PDF is a free hosting and sharing website . It allows its users to upload their PDFs and share them with others . I have always looked for such a website where i can get safe URLs for my PDFs and now here it is ; very simple and easy to use . Bee PDF does not charge you with any fee and it is completely free . Once you upload you PDFs into Bee PDF then you can use the generated URL to share with others and let them access your docs or you can use the embed code to include your PDFs into your website, wiki or blog . Bee PDF allows you to read and browse through PDFs published by others .

I am sharing with you this post because i know many of you need this tool in their work . You can upload PDFs you want to share with your students and give them their URLs or if you have a blog for your classroom then you can use Bee PDF to embed your PDFs there .

How can i get started using Bee PDF ?

Head over to Bee PDF main page and sign up for a free account . It is very quick and simple
Once signed in click on Upload and select the PDF you want to include
Once the Upload is finished click on Processed Files on top right side
You will see now your file you can either click on Edit to give it a title , description , and a category

Or click on its name to be directed to the page where you can view it and share it . Use the embed code on the left bar to embed it in your site .
That’s it about Bee PDF : Upload , Embed, and share your PDFs online .
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